Erik Thaddeus Walters

Dr. Erik Thaddeus Walters, Dr. Phil. is the founder and owner of Vatiland and will be your expert personal guide during our Journeys throughout Rome, the Vatican, and central Italy. Erik is a passionately engaging yet down-to-earth individual that possesses incredible knowledge and insight of the historical contexts and cultural perspectives of this unique corner of the world. Erik holds several under- and post-graduate degrees in Ancient Greek and Latin, Philosophy, Cultural Heritage Management and History, Graphic Design, Patristic Sciences, Theology, and Classical Philology and is a professor in the Department of History and Humanities at John Cabot University. You even may have seen Erik in any number of documentary interviews on the History Channel, Nat-Geo, Netflix, the BBC, and RAI. Erik’s 25+ years of experience in Rome and his carefully selected team of local colleagues, collaborators, and industry partners guarantee unparalleled Journeys with the highest degree of personal attention, detail, professionalism, and security that will transform you and leave you yearning for more. Your confidence, satisfaction, and trust are intrinsic to our threefold Philosophy.