The following most recent reviews are by a small sampling of the thousands of undergraduate students for courses that I have enjoyed the challenge and privilege of teaching over the last decade here in Rome. All evaluations are anonymous, and I am simultaneously proud and humbled for self-explanatory reasons you will read for yourself as you peruse them.

“The best professor I’ve ever had. Walters is a genius and [the university] is so lucky to have him. I’ve had a ton of plain bad profs at [the university], and Walters is an example of what a professor should be. If he does not receive a raise then [the university] needs to take a hard look at itself.” – Fall Semester 2020

“The strengths of Professor Walters include that he is very personable but also has professional boundaries. He is very clear about what he wants, even if sometimes it can be very particular.” – Spring Semester 2020

“I loved Professor Walters. Very funny, very engaging and clearly extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. Grading was a bit harsh, in my opinion, but his teaching style is fantastic.” – Spring Semester 2020

“Erik is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. He teaches very clearly, he is funny, insightful, and unbelievably intelligent. He is wonderful.” – Spring Semester 2020

“Walters was an amazing professor. He was able to clearly explain concepts to us and was very open and responsive to our questions. He depended my understanding of the subject matter immensely.” – Spring Semester 2020

“He has the ability to make a topic that most would consider dry to be extremely enjoyable to learn about. This is a rare trait for anybody to have. He is flexible, accommodating, and kind. He is clearly reputable and enthusiastic about the topic. He wants his students to do well and to be engaged, which I admire.” – Fall Semester 2019

“Professor Walters is a fantastic professor and an asset to [the university]. Professor Walters, if you see this, thank you for an incredible semester. You enhanced my abroad experience.” – Fall Semester 2019

“The professor really cares about his students and wants everything to be fair for his students. Really interesting class that I enjoyed taking during my study abroad experience.” – Fall Semester 2019

“I really appreciated that the professor kept his own views and opinions out of the class and merely presented us with the information, it made the class more interesting and is something that I really appreciate, especially in a religion class.” – Spring Semester 2019

“There are absolutely no weaknesses. This is the best course I have ever taken in my college experience and will likely not be topped. The course is expertly taught, and the classes are woven together in a way that makes coming to class fun. It’s more than a lecture. Professor Walters tells a story each class.” – Spring Semester 2019

“Professor Walters is the best professor I have or ever will have. I cannot praise his teaching style enough. He is a tough grader, but he is understanding and is always willing to answer questions outside of class. I loved this class so much and it is absolutely due to Professor Walters. He brings the course material to life and makes it fun to listen to an otherwise dry portion of church history. I could go on for many more lines, but bottom line, Professor Walters is incredible and [the university] is lucky to have him.” – Spring Semester 2019

“Professor Walters has been one of the best instructors I have ever had in any course, abroad or not. He is extremely knowledgeable on not only our pertinent subject material, but other relevant areas of study as well. If I could take this class over again, or even another class with Professor Walters I would do it in a heartbeat. He sincerely cares about his students and makes sure that everyone is up to speed on the course material. Overall, I would say he has no weaknesses in the context of this course; he is infallible.” – Spring Semester 2019

“No weaknesses to be found. One of my favorite professors I’ve had, including at my home campus. Funny, friendly, outgoing, extremely knowledgeable, communicative and clear with expectations. I had an excellent time in this class, certainly better than my expectations coming in for a theology course required by my home university. I wouldn’t mind seeing the professor again down the road. I would wish for him to be at my home university, but Rome is truly his element, where he belongs and is doing his best work.” – Spring Semester 2019

“One of the most valuable courses for my undergraduate career because of the way it has taught me to analyze history and theology. This can only be attributed to the professor.” – Spring Semester 2019

“If anybody has bad things to say about Prof. Walters I would be shocked. He was an incredible professor that could relate to students. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the content he gave us. No matter what, I was intrigued by this course and the material. He is a special professor and I am grateful to have been in his class.” – Fall Semester 2018

“Professor Erik Walters is an amazing teacher. He is very knowledgeable and is able to relay the information in the course in a way that is entertaining and interesting enough to pay attention. Site visits are the best part of the course because we can get historical context on the different locations of importance across Rome.” – Fall Semester 2018

“The professor is very knowledgeable in the subject material and I think that this demands the respect of his students. He delivers the material in a very interesting, clear way and his class is one of my favorite college courses I have ever taken. I also admire his ability to teach a religion course and not impose any of his personal beliefs on his students. I really enjoyed the class and having Professor Walters as a teacher. The highlight of the course was the visit to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Scavi tour, something I’ll remember for the rest of my life and definitely would not have had the opportunity to do unless I had been in this course.” – Fall Semester 2018