Vatiland Journeys are for small groups of 6 to 16 participants, which standard guarantees reassuring personal attention. Italy is famous for being friendly and welcoming to visitors, but visitors often find Italy to be less than user-friendly at best and disappointingly frustrating at worst. Our method alleviates your concerns and maximizes your time and experience in five ways.

Transportation: Italy and specifically Rome and its venues are hectic and walking intensive. Our Journeys include walking an average of 5 miles (8 Km) a day. You want to feel rested and ready to walk a few to several kilometers on a site visit without the exhaustion and hassle of getting there and back in the first place. Our Journeys provide you always and only with door-to-door private car service to and from site visits and never use notoriously unreliable and uncomfortable public transportation much less expect you to pay for and figure it out by yourself.

Accommodations: You will spend an average of 14-16 hours a day outside of your hotel room among site visits, meals, and free time. Your accommodation primarily serves your own attention to proper rest and personal health and hygiene. You deserve a more than comfortable ambience for a tranquil and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Our Journeys provide you with only the safest and most reputable 4-Star hotel residences centrally and strategically located with spectacular views and elegant appointments.

Meals: Too many visitors to Italy have unpleasant dining experiences due to understandable unfamiliarity and predatory price gouging. Such unfortunate circumstances further deprive the visitor of learning about and appreciating one of the world’s premiere culinary treasures. Our Journeys avoid such disappointments by providing you only the best meals including beverages thrice daily with the utmost attention to the authenticity and quality of local cuisine and proper hygienic and sanitary standards.

Guides & Venue Fees: All of our licensed docents are native or near native English-speaking local professionals with advanced Ph.D. and M.A. interdisciplinary degrees in archaeology, classics, art history, culinary arts, and religious studies to name a few. All are university professors, researchers, master chefs, and acclaimed artists and artisans that dynamically transform visits into living classrooms on site. Our Journeys take care of all early online booking requirements, reservations, and tickets and entry fees well in advance so that you are free to absorb and relish in the experience.

Free Time: Our Journeys are intensive and thoroughly structured. Leisure and down time are fundamental to your enjoyment and processing of your experience. Each itinerary affords you daily free time following dinner in addition to scheduled half or full free days. Itineraries will familiarize you with local areas and insights so that you are confident and informed to explore them properly for shopping their neighborhoods and discovering hidden gems on your own.