Paesano Toscana (13 days & 12 nights): Historians still debate precisely where the Renaissance began: Venice, Perugia, Florence, and even Amsterdam. You will discover through this Journey that it was ultimately Florence even though it would soon if not simultaneously be eclipsed by the Papal Renaissance in Rome. The term Renaissance in French or Rinascimento in Italian means “rebirth” in English and refers to the first reboot of human civilization after an entire millennium following the collapse of the Roman Empire in the fifth century CE. You will experience first-hand on this Journey through Italy’s most famous region of Tuscany the Italian Renaissance masters themselves and the landscape and environment in which and which they developed: idyllic Tuscan vineyards and olive groves, authentic Italian leather goods and marble quarries, and of course the art and architecture that rightly renders Florence still stunning to this day.

What We Provide:

  • Private car service transfer for all airport and train station arrivals to and departures from Rome.
  • All transportation via private car service and never public transportation during the entire itinerary.
  • Three daily meals including beverages at breakfast, lunch, and dinner at carefully selected restaurants with the highest attention to the quality of authentic local cuisine and proper hygiene.
  • Comfortable accommodations in the heart of Rome and Tuscany including Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, T.V., standard hotel amenities, noise-proof rooms, and safe-deposit boxes in addition to daily room-cleaning and sanitization service.
  • All major local sites including Florence, the Convento di San Marco, the Galleria Accademia, the Uffizi Gallery, Pisa, Carrara, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti, Montalcino, and Montepulciano.
  • Local sites in Rome includingthe Capitoline Museums and one culinary and cooking course with a local world-class Master Chef.
  • Experienced, passionate, and personable native or near-native English speaking local licensed guides with Ph.D. and M.A. degrees and qualified experts in several disciplines.
  • 24/7 full-time on-call staff ready to assist you with any and every concern, question, and emergency-situation that may arise during the entire itinerary.
  • Free pre- and post-itinerary planning and assistance.
  • An interdisciplinary educational experience and Journey that will transform you.

What You Provide:

  • All personal expenses incurred for shopping, transportation, external excursions, and any meals and beverages not included in the published itinerary.
  • Punctuality for all meeting points and times as per the published itinerary.
  • Attention to indications and directions from your guides and staff and adherence to regulations during all site visits as per the published itinerary.
  • Alerting us to any concerns and difficulties that may occur at any time before and during the itinerary including allergies, dietary and other health issues, and phobias (acrophobia, claustrophobia, etc.).
  • Your own airfare. Your flight itinerary must guarantee that you arrive in Rome on Sunday morning no later than 10:00 AM local time here (CET). The time of your return departure flight from Rome must be no earlier than 02:00 PM local time (CET) on the day of departure. The airport code for Rome is FCO (Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport). We are at your service to assist you in this process.
  • Your own personal travel insurance, which serves to protect you from needless financial loss due to health issues, last-minute cancellations, lost luggage, etc. and is cheaper to purchase on your own based on personal needs. Three recommended providers are: Travelex Insurance, (800) 228-9792; CSA Travel Protection, (800) 348-9505; and Travel Guard, (800) 826-1300.
  • Payment methods and options for this itinerary package are only in €Euro either through bank account wire-transfer (IBAN) or credit card (MasterCard/Visa).
  • An open mind, heart, and spirit to engage and learn from and about a new culture, life experience, and Journey of exploration and discovery in many ways that you never may have anticipated.



Sunday: Benvenuti, Benarrivati e Bentornati a Roma!

We will meet you directly at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO) or Termini Train Station upon your morning arrival for private car service transfer. We will check you in to your hotel residence following lunch on the Janiculum Hill overlooking the entire city of Rome. The afternoon is free for you to revisit your favorite stomping grounds in your second home. Our first day ends with a reception dinner to acquaint ourselves with one other and your new home in the Eternal City. Free Time following dinner to explore and return to our hotel residence on your own. Gelato!

Monday: All Roads Lead to and from Rome

We will stroll through the Jewish Ghetto following breakfast to the world’s second oldest museum, the Capitoline Museums and product of Renaissance armchair archaeologists and source of their inspiration. This site visit will provide proper context for the Italian Renaissance masters’ endeavors to pick up where the ancient Romans left off following the empire’s collapse in 476 CE. The afternoon following lunch is free for you to explore Rome on your own until dinner. Free Time following dinner to explore and return to our hotel residence on your own. Gelato!

Tuesday: Now You’re Cookin’

We will visit the open-air food market at Campo de’ Fiori following breakfast before our culinary and cooking course in Italian cuisine using only the freshest of local organic ingredients with an actual local Master Chef. You will learn how to prepare an authentic Italian dish confidently both here on site and forever after in your own home kitchen following this experience. The afternoon following lunch is free for you to explore Rome on your own until dinner. Remember to pack as this will be our final night in the Eternal City. Free Time following dinner to explore and return to our hotel residence on your own. Gelato!

Wednesday: Firenze and its Architecture

Today we depart Rome and head to Tuscany and specifically Florence via high speed train. We’ll stroll through Florence’s historical city center following lunch and check-in at our new hotel residence and home base for the next six days. Dinner will follow our absorption of the city’s magnificent architecture and respectful visit of the tombs of Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and Galileo. Free Time following dinner to explore Florence and return to our hotel residence on your own. Gelato!

Thursday: Firenze and its Art

This morning following breakfast we’ll stroll to the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance’s first true master in paint, Beato Fra Angelico, at the Convento di San Marco and the home of Michelangelo’s final Florentine masterpiece, David, at the Galleria dell’Accademia. Our afternoon will find us in the Italian Renaissance’s most famous museum, the Uffizi Gallery. Free Time before and after dinner to explore Florence and return to our hotel residence on your own. Gelato!

Friday: Firenze and Leather

This morning following breakfast we’ll visit the Scuola del Cuoio, or “Leather School”, an authentic “Made in Italy” (by Italians!) Tuscan leather goods workshop and licensed retail vendor. Learn before you buy. The rest of the day is free between lunch and dinner and after dinner shop and explore Florence and return to our hotel residence on your own. Gelato!

Saturday: Pisa and Carrara Marble

We’ll travel following breakfast to Florence’s Tuscan maritime Renaissance rival to the west, Pisa, where we’ll visit this city’s famous “Leaning Tower” and its equally majestic Duomo. We’ll depart after lunch and head to one of the world’s most prestigious marble quarries first opened by Julius Caesar in the first century BCE and made famous by Michelangelo in the late fifteenth century CE, Carrara. We’ll stop for dinner behind the medieval walls of Lucca before returning to our hotel residence in Florence later in the evening.

Sunday: Siena and San Gimignano

We’ll head out after breakfast to visit Florence’s most famous medieval rival to the south, Siena, where we’ll lunch before proceeding to the nearby picturesque Tuscan town of medieval towers, San Gimignano, where we will have dinner before returning to our hotel residence in Florence later in the evening.

Monday: “Freerenze” – Florentine Free Day

You’re free for the entire day following breakfast for exploring, shopping, and strolling the Tuscan capital on your own. Lunch and dinner will be provided as usual. Remember to pack as this is our last day and night in Florence before heading south tomorrow morning to the heart of the Tuscan wine country.

Tuesday: Chianti

We’ll have breakfast before check-out from our hotel residence and head to the town that gave Italy’s most famous red wine its name, Chianti. We’ll visit a local cheese producer before lunch, after which we’ll visit a local vineyard, winery, and learn the art of wine tasting. Then, we’ll travel farther south to check-in and have dinner at our hotel residence for our final three nights in the Tuscan wine country at Villa Nottola in Montepulciano.

Wednesday: Montalcino

We’ll travel after breakfast to Montepulciano’s rival nearby in the southeastern Tuscan wine country for cheese tasting and visit of a local cheese producer. We’ll continue after lunch to improve our skills as sommeliers with a visit of a local vineyard, winery, and perfect the art of wine tasting. We’ll end our day with dinner back at our hotel residence in Montepulciano. Free Time following dinner to relax.

Thursday: Montepulciano

We’ll visit after breakfast a nearby local cheese producer and enjoy cheese tasting in the southwestern Tuscan wine country before heading back to our hotel residence for lunch. Free Time after lunch for exploring our hotel residence’s own vineyard, winery, and olive groves and presses and relaxing in the Tuscan sun until our farewell dinner. Remember to pack as this is the final night of our Journey!

Friday: Bentrovati ed Arrivederci a Roma!

We will accompany you via private car service following breakfast and check-out from our residence to Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO) or Termini Train Station. We will miss you and will be waiting here for your next Journey with us.

Dates and Prices:

This 13 days & 12 nights Paesano Toscana Journey begins with your arrival in Rome on Sunday morning and departure from Rome 13 days later on Friday morning. This Journey runs all year round based on booking availabilities for groups of 6-16 participants (PAX). Prices range from €7,000 to €8,500 per participant based on group numbers:

€8,500.00 per person (6-10 PAX)

€8,000.00 per person (12 PAX)

€7,500.00 per person (14 PAX)

€7,000.00 per person (16 PAX)